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LiveIQ Labor is a workforce management solution that provides a full suite of scheduling and reporting tools that can save franchisees significant time and money through productivity improvements.

You can access selected functional areas from the LiveIQ Labor main screen and all Labor tasks from the fly-out menu. To open the fly-out menu, click at the top of the screen.

Set Up LiveIQ Labor

View the steps needed to set up LiveIQ Labor

Team Access Sync

Sync with Team Access to ensure consistent employee data

Create and Manage Organizations

Group restaurants and set up rules for how they are run

Manage Employee Information

Import or export employee data and manage employee records


Create, manage, and distribute restaurant work schedules

Labor Reports

Monitor and track scheduling and staffing conditions

Process Payroll

Review and verify hours worked to generate your payroll

Manage the Employee App

Communicate with employees more effectively and efficiently

Set Up Partners

Invite partners to access specific parts of LiveIQ Labor

Set Up Labor Alerts

Set up alerts for differences between time clock data and schedules

Additional Help for LiveIQ Labor

For more help getting started with LiveIQ Labor, review the resources located in the Training area under Admin.

To save time and effort when you set up your organizations and staff schedules, review these materials before you start setting them up:

  • Short video tutorials that introduce LiveIQ Labor and show you how to set up your system.

  • Set Up Partners describes how you can allow other LiveIQ users (for example, business partners or restaurant managers) to view and use the areas of LiveIQ Labor that you want them to access.

While using LiveIQ Labor, click to get more information about the area of the screen you are using.

You can also click to display a list of the video tutorials and then select one to view.