Manage the Employee App

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Use the LiveIQ Employee App to communicate more effectively with your employees and to manage your restaurants more efficiently.

Use the Subway® Labor Settings screen to turn on and off the features in the Employee App, to set up time limits for requests, and to turn on and off the daily digests.

Key Features

Learn how the Employee App benefits you and your staff

Required LiveIQ Setup

See what you need to access the Employee App manager functions

About LiveIQ Profiles

See the differences between the Staff and Owner profiles

About Permissions in LiveIQ and the App

Compare permission levels in LiveIQ and the Employee App

Setup Scenarios and Examples

Review three common setup situations for the Employee App

Invite Your Employees

Send invitations to your staff to join the Employee App

Marketplace Requests

Manage the Marketplace shift exchange

Shift Swaps

Accept or reject shift swaps that your employees have proposed and view a history of shift swaps for the previous four weeks

Time Off Requests

Manage employee requests for time off

Availability Requests

Manage employee requests to change their availability

Use Conversations

Send and reply to messages through the Employee App

Display Public Holidays in the Employee App

Display public holidays for published schedules in the Employee App

Review Profile Pictures

Ensure that employees post appropriate profile pictures

Declare Restaurant Managers

Designate employees as managers in your restaurants

Manage Daily Digests

Set up daily communications options

Quick Guide

Get abbreviated instructions on how to use the LiveIQEmployee App features in LiveIQ


Review a list of common questions about the Employee App