Create and Manage Organizations

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Organizations are collections of restaurants grouped together based upon region or area. Use the Organization Parameters screen to define additional parameters that you want applied to all restaurants within the group, such as overtime rates and attendance rules.

You can set up several organizations to group restaurants together for payroll processing, but there is no hierarchy. In addition, the organization structure you create applies only to LiveIQ Labor.

Create an Organization

Set up an organization to group restaurants

Change the Week Start Day

Select a different day to start the Subway® week

Define General Settings

Set up basic parameters for work hours and company information

Use the Team Access Settings

Sync data for your organizations with data in Team Access

Assign Restaurants to an Organization

Allocate your restaurants to appropriate organizations

Set Up Organization Payroll Groups

Create groups for display in payroll processing and PayChex® reports

Define Payroll Settings

Specify parameters used to approve and reconcile time clocks

Set Overtime Rules

Specify how LiveIQ applies overtime rates

Define Break Rules

Specify when employees should take breaks and whether they are paid

Specify the Schedule Settings

Select settings for minors and options that control data on the schedule

Set Up Pay Rate References

Select options for pay rate references

Define Healthcare Monitor Settings

Set up rules for healthcare requirements (US only)

Specify Subway® Labor Settings

Set up parameters for the Employee App

Define Restaurant-Level Rules

Set up day split time, opening and closing times, and other settings

View and Modify Organization Parameters

Review and revise settings for an organization

Control Access to an Archived Organization

Hide or make visible archived organizations