Define General Settings

  1. If you want your the Subway® Week to start on a day other than Wednesday, change the Week Start Day.

    Subway® strongly recommends that you do not change the Week Start Day from Wednesday to a different day.

  2. In the General section, select the week interval you want to use to review and process your payroll.

    Once you have processed payroll, you can use the Payroll Breakdown screen to view and export your payroll for any date range.

  3. Enter the number of hours that is considered a full day of work.

  4. Enter the start and end times that are considered as night hours at your organization.

  5. Enter your organization’s tax code.

  6. Select the date your organization was started.

  7. Enter the number of hours that is considered a half day of work.

  8. Enter your company registration number.

  9. Click Save when you are finished. 

  10. Click Save and click Back to List to fill in the other settings later.