Assign Restaurants to an Organization

You can create an organization without assigning any restaurants to it. However, each organization must have at least one restaurant assigned to it before it can be used in LiveIQ Labor. You must have Maintain Organization security permission for an organization to assign restaurants to that organization.

You can allocate restaurants to your organizations in whatever way makes sense for your business, but you can allocate each restaurant to only one organization. You can create schedules only for the restaurants currently in your organization.

You can also move restaurants between organizations. However, all schedule, time clock, and payroll data generated for the time that the restaurant was allocated to the original organization remains with that organization. Use the Store Mapping pane to add and remove restaurants in an organization.

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Once you assign at least one restaurant to an organization, LiveIQ sets the Team Access Sync Status to Import Employees New Organization. This means that Team Access adds the employees for the selected restaurants in the organization and creates records for them in LiveIQ. Once this process is complete, the status changes to Linked, indicating that LiveIQ and Team Access have been synced successfully for that organization.

If you create an organization with no restaurants, LiveIQ sets the Team Access Sync Status to Not Linked. Once you add a restaurant to the organization, LiveIQ automatically imports the employees from Team Access and sets the status to Linked.

Once you have allocated restaurants to your organizations, LiveIQ displays a Store Mapping History pane. Use this pane to track when restaurants were allocated to or removed from your organization.

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