Define Payroll Settings

Payroll settings govern shift rules and required comments and are used to auto-approve the reconciliation of employee time clocks (clock-in/clock-out times) to your schedule during payroll processing.

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  1. Set up the following options:

    • Pay Schedule [available only outside the United States] — Select this if you do not want employees to be paid for more time than the length of their shift (based on time clocks). If employees work less than their scheduled shift, they are paid for the time worked.

    • Auto-approve Time Window (minutes) — Use the slider bar or enter a number to specify the time window allowed for employees to punch in or out and still have automatic approval. You can use this time window to define the length of time needed to prepare the restaurant for opening and to clean up after closing. If employees punch in outside the time window, their time clocks require manual approval.

    • Allow Shift Swap Checking — Select this if you want LiveIQ to pair unmatched time clocks with an unmatched schedule. This allows the system to pair time punches from one employee against the schedule of another employee if they occur at roughly the same time at the same restaurant.

    • Minimum % For Valid Shift Swap Match [available only if Allow Shift Swap Checking is enabled] — Enter the allowed difference in times for automatic approval of shift swaps. A higher percentage offers greater accuracy when matching shifts, but may increase the number of swaps that you have to approve manually when reviewing payroll. Setting this option to 90% means that the time punches must match at least 90% of the potential shift swap.

    • Opening Shift Login Allowance (minutes) — Use the slider bar or enter a number to specify the amount of time to allow opening staff to log in without being considered late. This applies only to staff members scheduled for opening shift.

    • Manual Adjustment Comments Required — Select this if you want to require any user who makes an adjustment to time clocks within Payroll Processing to enter a comment explaining the change.

  2. Enter values for the other settings and click Save when you are finished. 

  3. Click Save and click Back to List to fill in the other settings later.