Set Overtime Rules

Use this section to specify how LiveIQ should apply overtime rates. If you do not pay overtime, you do not need to set overtime rules.

When overtime rules are applied, if an hour worked by an employee surpasses the rules for Rate 1 and Rate 2, the employee is paid using the overtime rate that pays the employee the higher hourly rate.

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  1. Select Show Overtime Rate 1 or Show Overtime Rate 2.

  2. Review any existing rules for the selected rate. Click Add to create a new rule or click Edit to change a rule.

  3. Select the rule type (consecutive days worked or hours worked per day).

  4. Under Rule Definition, specify the number of days or hours used to calculate this rate.

  5. Click Accept .

  6. Set up the rules for overtime rates 1 and 2 as needed.

  7. Click Save

  8. Enter values for the other settings and click Save, then click Back to List to fill in the other settings later.