Change the Week Start Day

Subway® strongly recommends that you do not change the start day from Wednesday to a different day.

When an organization has a sync status of Awaiting Confirmation, the Week Start Day option is not available.

When you create a new organization, you can select the desired start day either as a part of the Setup Wizard or on the Organization Parameters screen. Once you create the new organization, your selected Week Start Day takes effect.

However, changing the Week Start Day for an existing organization is more complex because each organization can have only one start day. Therefore, to apply a different Week Start Day, LiveIQ Labor needs to archive the existing organization and then create a new one with the different start day.

Once you select a different start day and save your changes, LiveIQ clones the organization and archives the original one. The cloned organization takes the name of the original organization and "Archived" is appended to the name of the original one. Once LiveIQ creates the new organization , your selected Week Start Day takes effect.

You can view the archived organization in a read-only format. You can also choose to keep the archived organization hidden if you wish. For more information, see Control Access to an Archived Organization in the online help.

When you change the Week Start Day for an organization, LiveIQ creates a history table for the new organization within Organization Parameters. The Week Start History section includes the date of the change and indicates the previous Week Start Day.

  1. In the General section on the Organization Parameters screen, click Edit next to Week Start Day.

    A warning message appears, describing the consequences of changing the Week Start Day.

  2. Select the start day.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Enter values for the other settings and click Save when you are finished.