View and Modify Organization Parameters

After creating an organization, you may need to view or modify its parameters. You can also use the Organization Parameters screen to delete organizations.

  1. From the LiveIQ toolbar, click Labor.

  2. Click Organization Parameters.

    A list of organizations that you can access appears. The list indicates which organizations are archived.

    You may want to move a restaurant from another organization to your organization. In this case, de-allocate the restaurant in its current organization, then allocate it to your organization.

    1. To add a restaurant currently allocated to a different organization, click Click Here to see all currently allocated stores.

    2. Select all restaurants you want to de-allocate so you can allocate them to your organization. No data pertaining to this restaurant (employees, schedules, payroll history, etc.) will be retained.

    3. Select Are you sure you would like to proceed? to confirm.

    4. Click Re-Allocate Store(s).

  3. Click Edit for the organization that you want to view.

    If you select an archived organization, you can view the settings but cannot modify them.

  4. Scroll up and down or select a category from the list on the left side of the Organization Parameters screen to display the parameters that you want to view.

    Before you modify the Week Start Day, be sure to review the information about Change the Week Start Day.

  5. Modify the settings as needed and click Save.