Specify Subway® Labor Settings

Use the Subway® Labor Settings section to specify the parameters for the Employee App. You can turn on and off features of the Employee App and set time limits for time off requests and Marketplace requests. You can also use these settings to specify whether you want emails sent to employees and managers to notify them about requests. Finally, this section includes an option that controls whether you can review employee profile pictures before they appear in the Employee App.

  1. Select these settings to turn on and off the following features:

    • Enable Time Off Requests

    • Enable Marketplace

    • Enable Availability Requests

    • Enable Manager Daily Digest

    • Enable Employee Daily Digest

    • Enable Profile Picture Review

    • Enable Labor Scheduler App Shift Swap

    • Enable Public Holidays for Employee App

  2. Use the slider bar or enter a number to specify the hours allowed for the following settings:

    • Time Off Requests Time Limit (Hours)

    • Marketplace Time Limit (Hours)

  3. If shift swaps are turned on and you want to change the default values for these settings, enter a number to specify the hours allowed for one or both settings:

    • Shift Swap Reminder (Hours)

    • Shift Swap Expiry (Hours)

  4. Click Save and click Back to List to fill in the other settings later.