Set Up Pay Rate References

The pay rate references, including the overtime rules, are for reference purposes only. These references can be applied at the organization level or the restaurant level. If you set the references at the organization level, you cannot set them at the restaurant level.

  1. If you are a franchisee or owner and want to limit the visibility of pay rates on the Employee Maintenance screen, select Limit Pay Rate Visibility.

    This setting is only available for franchisees and owners.

  2. To have LiveIQ automatically enter overtime rates when you enter a standard pay rate, select Enable the auto-set Overtime option.

  3. To change the default overtime rates, enter the values for the two overtime rates.

    LiveIQ applies the value that you enter as a multiplier to the standard pay rate. For example, if you enter 2 for Overtime 1 Pay Rate, LiveIQ multiplies the standard pay rate by 2 to calculate the value for Overtime 1 Pay Rate,

  4. To have LiveIQ automatically update overtime rates for all employees in your organization, select Automatically update overtime pay rate for all employees.

  5. To have pay rate references to apply to the entire organization, select Make These Pay Rate References Organization Wide.

  6. To change the name of a reference, click Edit, enter the new name, then click Accept.

  7. If you made changes, click Save.