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Use the Enhanced Scheduling screen to create, edit, copy, and view weekly schedules for all restaurants currently in your organization. LiveIQ offers two views of the Enhanced Scheduling screen when you display weekly data — Chart View and Grid View. You can collapse and expand multiple areas on both views, including graphs, time clock data, shift information, and Quick Shifts, directly from the Enhanced Scheduling screen so you do not have to change your configuration settings.

Navigate the Screen

Learn how to use the Enhanced Scheduling screen

Select the Organization, Restaurant, and Dates

Choose the schedule that you want LiveIQ to display

Set Up Basic Configuration Options

Specify the data and format for your schedules

Assign and Manage Employees

Select employees to appear on the schedule

Manage Shifts

Add, copy, and edit shifts on the schedule

Create a New Schedule – Part 1

Set up a brand new schedule

Optimize Staffing

Set up peak times, crew hours, and ideal productivity values

Approve Schedules

Review and approve the schedule

Publish Schedules

Make the schedule available to others

Print Schedules

Print weekly or daily schedules

Send Schedules

Distribute schedules by email or by text message (US only)

Use Other Schedule Options

Copy, add notes, use templates, and change other configuration options