Team Access Sync

To help ensure that Subway® employee information is consistent across products, LiveIQ employee data is synced with data in Team Access. The process to sync the data is designed to be as automatic as possible while it still gives you control over the matching of data between LiveIQ and Team Access.

You perform the sync process in LiveIQ on a particular organization even though Team Access does not use organizations. The Team Access sync process looks at the individual restaurants within each organization and attempts to match employee information in LiveIQ with what is stored in Team Access.

Before you can run the sync process that matches the employee data, you must link your organization to Team Access. In addition, you must have Maintain Organization and Maintain Employees permissions in LiveIQ to see the options for and to use the sync process.

Once your organization is linked and synced with Team Access, every active employee in the organization is matched to a unique Team Access person number. In addition, all updates to employee information are copied between LiveIQ and Team Access in both directions. If you save data in LiveIQ, Team Access receives that information. Similarly, if you update and save employee information in Team Access, LiveIQ receives the updated data. This ensures that both systems remain in sync.

During the match process and once the sync is complete, some tasks in LiveIQ change or are no longer available. For example, once the sync process is complete, you cannot add new employees in LiveIQ. .

To help you run the sync process, please refer to the LiveIQ and Team Access Integration User Guide.

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