Use the Team Access Settings

Use this procedure to start the sync process for an organization (if the sync process was postponed) or to continue a sync process that is not yet complete.

  1. From the LiveIQ toolbar, click Labor.

  2. Click Organization Parameters.

  3. In the Team Access area of the screen, click Sync.

    A list of all restaurants in the organization appears and indicates the sync status for each restaurant.

    LiveIQ creates a request message for each restaurant in the organization and sends it to Team Access. When it receives the request, Team Access populates the sync database for those restaurants.

    The Team Access Sync Status changes to Link Requested and a progress bar indicates the percentage of restaurants that have been linked. To update the progress bar, click Refresh.

    If any restaurants fail, the screen indicates the reason. The reason of "owner clash" indicates that the owner of the restaurant in the LiveIQ database does not match the owner listed in the Team Access database. In this case, LiveIQ displays a link so you can send the Team Access owner a partner request. Once the Team Access owner accepts the partner request, you can change the owner in LiveIQ so it matches the entry in Team Access. When the owner entries match, the sync can progress beyond this point.

    If any restaurants fail when no In Progress restaurants remain, the status changes to Declined. If this happens, Sync remains available so you can try to sync again once you have resolved the issues that caused the failure.

    When all restaurants are completed, the status updates to Awaiting Confirmation and you can start the match process for the organization. LiveIQ displays a banner at the top of the LiveIQLabor and Organization Parameter screens. The banner includes a link that you can click to run the match process. [Show image.][Hide image.]

Synced Organizations

When an organization has been linked, the Team Access Sync Status field (in the Team Access area of the Organization Parameters screen) displays Linked to show that the two databases are synced.

If no organizations are ready to start the matching process but you still have organizations that have not been synced, a warning banner appears. This banner contains a link to open the Organization Parameters screen so you can start to sync your other organizations. The banner no longer appears when all of your organizations have completed the matching process.