WISR Summary

The WISR Summary report gives total net sales, a summary of selected sales data by category, cost components (including data about cost of goods and labor), and productivity. The report also indicates if and when the restaurant transmitted.

  • The Weekly WISR Summary provides a 13-week view of sales data, along with quarterly comparisons. Breakouts of every major sales category (units, drinks, misc./add-ons, catering) show what percentage of total sales constitutes the week in question. The report also includes links to the full WISR report for the specific week-ending dates.

  • Franchisees can look at 13 individual weeks, as well as averages for the past four quarters. As your historical data continues to grow within LiveIQ, the ability to view, compare, and contrast prior years’ data is further enhanced.

  • Sales ratio provides a comparison of sales to the same week of the prior year.

The system only reports information from the time that LiveIQ was installed on your POS.