LiveIQ Mobile

Use LiveIQ Mobile to access a dashboard view of sales performance for your restaurant from your mobile devices. More than a dozen mobile-friendly reports are available to let you check sales, productivity, key performance indicator (KPI), and WISR data.

LiveIQ Mobile is available to all SubwayPOS® and Sub Shop/2000™ franchisees worldwide. You can use it to perform these tasks:

  • Monitor sales performance

  • Check employee clock-in/clock-out information without having to be in the restaurant

  • Configure and maintain automated alerts for any KPI for any restaurant, and have them sent to multiple email addresses

  • Set up alerts so that you and your managers can be notified in near-real-time of activities that affect your profitability, such as price overrides, sales adjustments, whole order corrections, and other KPIs

Use LiveIQMobile to access any of these features:

Use the browser on your mobile device to navigate to LiveIQ or set up a shortcut to access your data even more quickly.