Process Payroll

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Successful payroll processing depends on having your organization and restaurant settings defined correctly. Payroll processing runs at the organization level, using organization parameters, restaurant settings, schedules, and time clock data from the restaurants.

All restaurants within the organization are processed for the selected time period. You define the length of the payroll period (as number of weeks) in the organization settings. For more information, see Create and Manage Organizations, Set Up Organization Payroll Groups, Define Payroll Settings, and Define Restaurant-Level Rules.

When processing payroll, LiveIQ looks at your schedules and tries to match the time clocks against them. It then uses the organization rules to validate the pairings and decide how the employees should be paid.

You can review and finalize a pay period once it has begun, but the pay period must be over before you can process the payroll. To select the payroll period, use the standard LiveIQ date selector.

The table on the Payroll Processing screen shows the highest level of payroll information, including total hours scheduled and total time clock hours. Use Expand and Collapse to view the data breakdown by day.

Payroll processing loads to the current payroll period. Typically, you want to process the payroll period that has just ended when you access payroll processing.

To determine the payroll period to load, the server checks the selected date. If it is the current date or any date in the future, the server changes the selected date to the payroll period that requires processing. To ensure that you can still access payroll processing for historic dates, the server changes the date only if it is set to today’s date or a future date.

Process Overview

See the steps in the payroll process

Use the Review Payroll Items Screen

Review payroll for up to 15 restaurants at once and accept or reject individual payroll entries as needed

Use the Payroll Breakdown Screen

Review, print, and export processed payroll data